Edward Cromarty Education


Let Edward Cromarty Education give you the personalized attention that you need to answer your questions and place them into practice. Whether an individual or an institution we have the knowledge and experience to assist you.     

Expertise and Experience

Edward Cromarty holds a doctorate degree in education from Northeastern University and multiple degrees and specialized certifications from prestigious universities. He has worked for top educational institutions, consultancies, and design firms. 

Quality and Affordability

We offer quality level consulting, analysis, and research services at a reasonable price. We work with our clients as individuals recognizing the diverse needs of every student and organization. We will be happy to discuss your unique needs. 


Educational Services

  • Edward Cromarty Education performs education advisory services for individuals and educational institutions. 
  • We conduct managerial consultancy for public and private institutions. 

Individuals and Students

  • We perform professional educational advisory for individuals. 
  • We assist with thesis writing and proofreading of professional articles for publication. 
  • We perform managerial consulting for small businesses and individuals. 


  • We perform consultancy services for all types of educational institutions.
  • Specialize in general education, teaching and learning, curriculum development, higher education, teacher education, creative learning, diverse learning, art education, training, and leadership.  
  • We perform education, training, leadership, and arts consultation for public and private organizations.  


Pricing is established with respect to the type of consultation required. This may include per hour fees and per job contract rates depending on the request. Please contact us for additional information on pricing. Please give details of your need.   


  • Northeastern University, Doctor of Education in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership 
  • University College London-Institute of Education, PGCHE in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 
  • New York University, Spanish 
  • SUNY, MBA in Management and Education 
  • FIT-SUNY, BFA and BS
  • West Virginia University, BA
  • Additional certifications in education, teaching and learning, human research, management, and design 


Edward has many years of experience teaching and performing research for prestigious educational institutions. He has managed his own design business on a national level. He has been employed with private and public institutions and consultancies.